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Aston Marina Butchers

Butcher Details


Aston Marina
Lichfield Road
West Midlands
ST15 8QU


01785 819 702


About Aston Marina Butchers

Aston Marina Farm Shop and Bistro enthusiastically welcomes visitors and neighbours alike to the best edibles that Staffordshire and the surrounding countryside have to offer. Their Traditional Butchery features superb local beef, lamb and pork. Their Deli counter supplying the world’s finest cheeses and much more besides. The Bistro serving the finest fresh local cuisine.

Butcher Ratings

  • Beef Rating: stars (average rating 4 from 1 votes)
  • Pork Rating: stars (average rating 4 from 1 votes)
  • Lamb Rating: stars (average rating 4 from 1 votes)
  • Other Meats Rating: stars (average rating 5 from 1 votes)
  • Quality of Service Rating: stars (average rating 3 from 1 votes)

Butcher Reveiws

Reveiw and ratings by: Admin

I found that their meat is sometimes some of the best I have had, but at other times can be quite poor, bit hit and miss with this butchers. Generally its pretty good but we have had some vacum packed meat from their at a very poor standard.

  • Beef Rating: stars
  • Pork Rating: stars
  • Lamb Rating: stars
  • Other Meats Rating: stars
  • Quality of Service Rating: stars